Material Grades

Manganese Grades:

  • 12%,18%,22% Manganese(Mn) with or without chrome,with or without Molly.
  • 22% Mn is used for premium grade
  • 12% Mn is used for low abrasive material,normally used for standard profiles.
  • 18% Mn is used for medium abrasive material which is the most preferred alloy these days.
  • 22% Mn is used for high abrasive material.
  • 22% Mn(Premium) is used for very high abrasive material.


  • 13% Cr,18% Cr and 27% Cr.
  • These grades are used depending on the application and the abrasiveness of the crushed material.

Alloy Steels:

  • Low carbon steel.
  • Martensitic steel.
  • These grades are used in applications where a high impact resistance is required.